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The Time Trap by Henry Kuttner


1939 Retro-Hugo Awards Best Novella nominee

A titan of the genre, Henry Kuttner, weaves a spellbinding tale of a time-traveling archaeologist in one of the most fantastic adventures ever conceived.

"[A] pomegranate writer: popping with seeds—full of ideas."  —Ray Bradbury

Kent Mason is an archaeologist hopelessly lost in the desert. When he stumbles into the ruins of the ancient city of Al Bekr, he unknowingly steps into a time portal and finds himself flung into into an adventure filled with more monsters, mayhem, beautiful women, unimaginable threats, and bizarre plot twists than any reader could possibly imagine.




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Sports Non-Fiction

The Slam: Bobby Jones and the Price of Glory

 An unlikely champion. An unprecedented accomplishment. A powerful story of a man on the verge of becoming a legend—at a time when the nation needed every hero it could get.   

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Women's Fiction


A dazzling debut from one of the writers of DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES about a young man who will discover that love is a lesson learn over lifetimes. 

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Zubaan Books

The Song Seekers

   A novel, breathtaking in its sweep, explores the lasting power of storytelling to redefine, to bring clarity to, and to transform lives.