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Films In My Life by Francois Truffaut

"Truffaut brings the same intelligence and grace to the printed page that he projects onto the screen. The Films in My Life provides a rare knowledgeable look at movies and moviemaking." —Newsday

Before Francois Truffaut was a great director, he was a critic who stood at the vanguard, pioneering an innovative way to view movies and to write about the cinematic arts.

Now, for the first time in eBook, the legendary director shares his own words, as one of the most influential filmmakers of all time examines the art of movie-making through engaging and deeply personal reviews about the movies he loves.

Articulate and candid, The Films In My Life is for everyone who has sat in a dark movie theater and dreamed. 


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Diversion author Ursula Le Guin talks to Michael Cunningham about genres, gender and broadening fiction on Electric Literature. Bonus: a special $3.99 download of Le Guin's scifi classic, THE LATHE OF HEAVEN.

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Historical Romance

Beloved Rivals (Wickham Brothers, Book #1)

In this "unforgettable tale of passion"(Sherrill Bodine), two brothers will discover that the same woman who aided in mending their wounded relationship may be the very woman to tear it apart for good. 

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The Washington Post eBook Series

The Washington Post Pulitzers: Gene Weingarten

 What happens when one of the world’s most renowned musicians appears incognito outside of a Washington, D.C. metro station to play some of the most beautiful music ever composed? 

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Zubaan Books

Her Piece of Sky

Contemporary Hindi stories featuring top Hindi writers. Get a special $1.99 download only at BrownGirlMagazine.com.  

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