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The Outsider by Colin Wilson

As relevant today as when it originally published, The Outsider explores the mindset of characters who exist on the margins, and the artists who take them there.

Published to immense acclaim, The Outsider helped to make popular the literary concept of existentialism.  Authors like Sartre, Kafka, Hemingway, and Dostoyevsky, as well as artists like Van Gogh and Nijinsky delved for a deeper understanding of the human condition in their work, and Colin Wilson’s landmark book encapsulated a character found time and time again: the outsider.

How does he influence society?  And how does society influence him?  It’s a question as relevant to today’s iconic characters (from Don Draper to Voldemort) as it was when initially published.  Wilson’s seminal work is a must-have for those who love books and are fascinated by that most difficult to understand of characters.  


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