Diversion Books is an innovative indie publisher, combining decades of traditional experience with new, digital strategies. In publishing a mix of original titles and giving old titles a digital life, our high royalties, quick turnaround, and tailored marketing plans are helping us to create a space between legacy publishing and the uneven field of self-publishing. We’re taking advantage of the abundance of opportunities that new models of distribution and purchasing provide, while executing our core publishing capabilities, ultimately connecting great books with avid readers. 


Brand New
Diversion Books is publishing for a digital world and that’s reflected in our authors: smart, sharp, and connected. Growing fast and moving faster, we’re capitalizing on our quick editorial turnaround and our savvy marketers to capture the trends of the moment and get our titles into the hands of a new generation of readers.


New to You
While the way we read changes, good content stays the same. At Diversion we’re looking to bring the books we’ve read and loved into the digital age. With 400 backlist titles and growing, we’re making everything from old school bodice rippers to lost literary gems available for fans. Backlist is the backbone of every publishing house, and at Diversion we’re actively building a strong foundation for our future and breathing new life into previously published titles.


Making it Known
Diversion is dedicated to marketing every title, every month. Each author we publish, frontlist or backlist, gets a unique, tailored marketing plan, and is continually promoted. And promoted. And promoted. We want every title to get out to every reader, and we know that in the Internet age, each book is new to someone—we just need to help him or her find it.


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Diversion Books is a proud member of the Association of American Publishers, International Book Publishers Association, International Thriller Writers, and Mystery Writers of America.