Nina Planck

Born in Buffalo in 1971, Nina Planck was raised on her family’s farm in Virginia and grew up eating simple, real food.  At age 9, she sold produce at roadside stands until the first proper farmers’ market opened nearby in 1980, neatly turning a money-losing farm into a profitable one.  In 1999, Nina opened the first farmers’ markets in London and today her company runs two-dozen popular year-round markets.  Chef Loyd Grossman called her market in Marylebone one of the World’s Best. In New York City, Nina was Director of the famous Greenmarkets.  In Washington, D.C., she founded and sold the Mount Pleasant Farmers’ Market.  Nina is the author of Real Food: What to Eat and Why and Real Food for Mother and Baby.  She lives in New York City and Stockton, N.J. with her husband Rob Kaufelt, a cheese monger, and their three children.