Publishing FAQs

Is my book a good fit for Diversion? 

Diversion publishes both original and backlist titles and is constantly growing its list. Currently, we publish books in the following categories: 


Fiction: Romance (contemporary and historical), Thrillers, Mysteries, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, and Young Adult 


Non-Fiction: Business, Sports, Health, True Crime, and platform-based general interest titles 


Will you consider my work if I’ve already self-published it? 

Yes! We love taking a book from good to great with the support of Diversion’s team. Then you can focus on writing and getting the word out about your book—the fun stuff! 


What is the process for submitting my project to Diversion? 

Book proposals are submitted to us by email. Due to the volume of submissions, the editors at Diversion cannot guarantee a response on unagented submissions. 


Who will work with me on my book? 

Diversion Books is a full-service publishing company. For new titles, you will work closely with a staff editor to shape and polish the manuscript. Then your editor and your production chief will shepherd your book through the publishing process, from formatting and converting book files to copyediting, from cover design to printing and to distribution to retailers. Diversion crafts the metadata for every title and provides it to retailers, both online and bricks n mortar.  For print titles, Diversion’s Sales and Distribution partner, Ingram Publisher Services, will sell those titles to retailers of all types. Diversion also has a full-time marketing and publicity team strategizing and implementing outreach to consumer-facing media to bring your work to the largest possible audience. 


Where will you distribute my book? 

Diversion Books has longstanding relationships with all of the major retailers both online and bricks n mortar and eagerly pursues opportunities in new and innovative distribution channels, including direct-to-consumer retailing. Our distribution list is constantly growing, as new models and retailers develop. 


How will my book be promoted? 

As extensively as possible. When we sign up a title, whether new or backlist, we do so with the goal of giving each book a full promotional push. This push includes promotion to the trade encouraging bookstores and libraries to carry it, to trade and consumer media to solicit reviews of the book, and to consumers through a variety of media to entice them to purchase the title. Diversion is not solely focused on the lead-up to publication; our efforts will be ongoing throughout the life of your book. 


Author Platform Building and Reader Engagement 

First, Diversion will help you leverage and grow your existing platform to raise visibility for you and your book. Once your project has been accepted by Diversion, we will audit your online presence, regarding everything from your social media pages to your Amazon and Goodreads accounts, with feedback on how each can be made stronger and more effective. 


Retail Merchandising 

In addition to full distribution through all major online retailers, our team works hands on with contacts at each of those retailers to secure any available on-site promotional placement for your book, where appropriate. Promotional examples can include seasonal placement or placement surrounding a timely event that ties in with your book, and Diversion always seeks out new opportunities to promote your titles. 


Metadata and Discoverability 

The in-house Diversion Books marketing team will pay special attention to optimizing your metadata (BISAC codes, web copy SEO, etc.), so you and your book pull higher in organic searches online, and on the sites of the major online retailers, for popular keyword terms. 



We will also include your book in our monthly e-newsletter, and in all of our social media marketing efforts, and will make an excerpt available for our website, and further marketing outreach, such as book clubs. A full publicity push will be made for your book, including outreach to key media contacts and bloggers, including through such channels as NetGalley, to secure reviews and coverage. 


How is accounting handled for my book? 

Diversion aggregates all sales information into one easy-to-follow quarterly statement, which breaks down royalties earned by month and by retailer. 


Will you publish my book in print? 

Diversion curates a selection of titles for print publication.  Most original new titles and many backlist titles get selected for print publication.  These books are distributed to retailers, both online and bricks n mortar, as well as other types of accounts such as libraries. 


Will Diversion publish my book but let me retain rights? 

No. Diversion is a full-service publishing company, which means we’re putting our faith in projects, curating a list, and committing to them. As such, we engage in a contract with our authors enabling us the exclusive right to publish their titles for a set term.