The Tofurky Story

How We Delivered Plant-Based Meals to the American Dinner Table

“If there ever was a person more ill-prepared to run a business than I was in 1980,” writes Tofurky founder Seth Tibbott, “I have yet to meet them.” Against all odds, however, this tree-hugging educator with no business background managed to build a global plant-based food brand worth millions.

How did he do it? This book details the improbable journey from treehouse to state-of-the-art eco-manufacturing plant churning out 12 million pounds of Tofurky per year. It wasn’t an easy ride—first nine years of business brought in a grand total of $31,000—butt Seth held on, experimenting with products, staying true to his belief in eco-friendly practices, and, when necessary, getting out of his own way. For anyone who feels they something great to offer the world but lacks formal business training, this is a story about hope, grit, and selling the dream—without selling out.

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